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Advanced Procurement & Supply Chain Limited specialists in providing CIPS-Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain qualifications and competency-based learning. We provide the best supply chain course in Bangladesh.

We have developed a solid reputation as a Center of Excellence in Supply Chain Training by providing high-impact courses that have benefited a large number of participants from the private, public, and government sectors. We are the approved centers of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, UK.

Over the past decade of our existence, we have worked closely with our clients in designing, setting up & implementing procurement & supply chain frameworks and competencies.

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Our Instructors

Jeremy W Johnson

BSC, MSC, MBA, FCIPS, FCILT, Director at JWJ Consultancy LTD

Pavan Sharma

BE, PGDIE, MBA, MCIPS, Professor at Rutgers Business School

Takudzwa  Musariri

MSC, BCCOM,Chartered MCIPS, Transport & Commercial Manager at SM Distributors Ltd

Syed Mokhlesur Rahman

MA, MBA, CCMA, MCIPS SCM Professional at Chevron Bangladesh

Lalit Dhamija


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Who Provides The Best Supply Chain Course In Bangladesh

Navigating the Path to Success-

Obviously, the name is Advance Procurement & Supply Chain Limited. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where efficiency and seamless operations are paramount, supply chain management has emerged as a critical discipline. Bangladesh, with its burgeoning economy and expanding global trade connections, is not immune to this reality.

Aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the importance of mastering supply chain intricacies to gain a competitive edge. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of the best supply chain courses in Bangladesh, exploring their benefits, key components, career prospects, and how they contribute to the nation's growth.

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Why You Should Opt for The Best Supply Chain Course In Bangladesh?

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Supply chain courses empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to optimize processes, streamline operations, and minimize bottlenecks. You should join the best supply chain course in Bangladesh to get the best support and knowledge.

Through in-depth insights into demand forecasting, production planning, and efficient inventory management, professionals can drive down costs and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

We Advance Procurement & Supply Chain Limited are here to guide you and walk with you to boost your career ahead.

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Our Facilities

Global Certificate

We provide the best Supply chain course in Bangladesh by bringing the world's best trainers who are directly associated with CIPS.

Our Global Standard for Procurement and Supply sets out what excellence should look like in practice, at all levels, in all sectors, and anywhere in the world. Updated in 2021, employers tell us that it continues to be a vital resource for providing clarity and transparency regarding the skills, knowledge, and capabilities required by our profession.

Alumni Support

B ecome part of a global community of over 200,000 professionals brought together to share news and ideas.

Books & Library

An online version of the textbooks that you can access  on your phone, tablet, or desktop PC anywhere, anytime.

Meeting Global Standards To Provide The Best Supply Chain Course In Bangladesh

In an interconnected global marketplace, adhering to international standards and best practices is imperative. We are taking our classes with the world's best trainers who are directly associated with CIPS. Which makes our course the best supply chain course in Bangladesh. 

A supply chain course equips learners with the tools to ensure compliance with quality, safety, and ethical standards, enabling businesses to compete effectively on a global scale.

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Seizing Career Opportunities

The realm of supply chain offers a plethora of exciting career opportunities. By taking the best supply chain course you can simply take yourself in the row of successful people's line. Who is enjoying great benefits and facilities in their career?  

Graduates of supply chain courses can explore roles ranging from procurement specialists to logistics managers, and from supply chain analysts to operations directors.

These roles are not only financially rewarding but also provide a chance to make a tangible impact on business success.

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What Students Say About Us

"Starting my journey with Advance PSC Ltd(APSCL) in 2021 , I have been able to complete all modules of Level 4, Level 5 and few of Level 6 . This is possible due to tremendous support from  APSCL in terms of distant learning, reading materials, coaching , exam arrangements whatever whenever necessary. Recently I have been promoted to the position of Executive Director from General Manager and I am sure procurement and supply acumen is one of the contributor to this uplift.  I wish continued success of APSCL."
Md Sharafat Ali
Executive Director
"My journey towards achieving MCIPS-Chartered designation was made possible through their exceptional guidance and support. Advance Procurement and Supply Chain Limited stands out as an institution committed to excellence in the field of CIPS qualification. They are always available to address students' questions and concerns, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Advance Procurement and Supply Chain Limited to anyone aspiring for CIPS qualification"
Sheikh Nafiz Ahmed
Senior Manager, Procurement, BRAC

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Supply chain education equips you with skills in logistics, procurement, data analysis, and more, opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. For this you should take your supply chain education from the best institute. 

Advance Procurement & Supply Chain Limited provides you the best supply chain course in Bangladesh. You can relay on us for your supply chain course.

Supply chain management involves the coordination of processes to ensure the efficient flow of goods and services from manufacturers to end consumers. It's crucial for optimizing costs, meeting customer demands, and gaining a competitive edge.

Emerging trends include the integration of AI and automation, sustainable practices, and increased emphasis on data-driven decision-making. 

To learn more about supply chain management and logistics management you can simply connect with Advance PSC LTD.  Who provide the best supply chain course in Bangladesh.

In the world of supply chain management, knowledge is the key that unlocks the doors to efficiency, innovation, and growth. By embarking on a supply chain course in Bangladesh, individuals can chart their course towards a fulfilling career and contribute to the country's economic prosperity.

Absolutely. As supply chains span the globe, skilled professionals from Bangladesh are in demand internationally, especially in industries with strong cross-border operations.