Health and Safety

A fire evacuation facility is available at the Advanced Procurement & Supply Chain Limited to protect against any fire incidents.

We are in a prominent position in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which is adjacent to a 60-foot-wide road and is not as crowded as it is normally.

The following are the rigorous fire control and evacuation protocols in place at the center:

1. In the event of a fire, all rooms in the center are equipped with a fire suppression system.

2. The center features two exit doors to guarantee that candidates have a safe way out.

3. Two large fire buckets of dry sand and two fire extinguishers are maintained in the center.

4. A fire hose reel can be found near the center.

5. Fire drills are held every three months to demonstrate how we should have evacuated in the event of a sudden fire. It aids in the training of the center’s workers in the proper evacuation of the premises.

6. Everyone is aware of the fire escape routes, which are shown on the center’s various walls and inside the lift.

7. The center staff are responsible for informing students who visit the center about all of the precautions they should take in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

Emergency Contact No: +880 1711-204745