Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

Advanced Procurement & Supply Chain Limited is dedicated to giving students, apprentices, companies, and clients the best possible service.

Advance Procurement & Supply Chain Limited acknowledges that customers and clients have the right to complain about our services and that they have access to clear instructions on how to do so.

We have developed the Learners Complaints and Appeals Policy as part of our Quality Assurance Monitoring and Feedback process. This process aims to evaluate the level of quality through the process of delivering education and training programs, information advice guidance, and gathering information on learner/client complaints.

During initial learner contact/drop-in, registration, or appointments with information, advice, and guidance or an assessor, all learners are informed of this approach.

In accordance with the policy or procedure for learner complaints, We will use the data from learner complaint forms to monitor and assess service delivery in direct response to a learner’s complaint.

Every complaint will be handled individually, according to its merit. The Managing Director shall be notified of the situation if the IQA or management team is unable to resolve the issue in a suitable manner