The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) is a royal chartered institution in the United Kingdom. It is the world’s largest and highest awarding body in procurement and supply chain, CIPS-UK is the ultimate qualification for supply chain and procurement professionals. To become a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS). They need to complete a developed curriculum by CIPS. There are five levels in CIPS. The levels start from Level 2 to Level 6. The highest entry-level for a professional to become an MCIPS is Level 4. They are required to complete Levels 4, 5, and 6 to get the CIPS membership for a professional with some required CPD hours and professional experience.

Entry Level

Level 2

Certificate in Procurement

and Supply Operations

Level 3

 Advanced Certificate in Procurement

and Supply Operations  

Highest Entry Level

Level 4

Diploma in Procurement and


Level 5

Advanced Diploma in Procurement

and Supply

Level 6

Professional Diploma in Procurement

and Supply

Merits of CIPS

Why Pursue CIPS

  • Gain access to globally recognized professional qualifications.

  • Accelerates your career growth.

  • To achieve practical knowledge in the supply chain.

  • To efficiently manage your logistics.

  • You must understand how to manage company spending.

  • Understand various sourcing matrices.

Drawbacks Of Not Pursuing CIPS

  • Global procurement and supply chain procedures will be unpracticed.

  • Unfit presence in cross-functional activities.

  • International cases will be undiscovered.

  • Slow career and salary growth.

  • Global career opportunities will be missed.

  • Lack of understanding of ethical procurement and responsible sourcing.

Dynamic Skills Development Issue

  • Great Communicators: Ability to communicate effectively at all levels in order to build relationships.

  • Negotiation Skills: Ensuring that the best value for the organization is reached.

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the process of developing relationships with key suppliers in order to increase value.

  • Influencing Skills: The ability to influence key stakeholders internally, including at senior levels, plus suppliers externally and The right to exit the agreement

  • Internal Stakeholder Management: Effective stakeholder management is critical to driving value and implementing change.

Career Influence By CIPS

  • Acquire certified essential knowledge and reshape your career objectives.

  • Understanding best practice knowledge and implementing an ethical practice in your organization.

  • Add value to your organization through the proper knowledge of the strategic matrix and ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Transfer your skills around the world while working for a world-class organization.

  • Get recognized globally and professionally around the world.

Public And Private Organization’s Influence By CIPS

  • Having CIPS-trained professionals in your organization can bring tangible benefits, measurable results, and make you stand out as an employer of choice. Start your organization’s journey with CIPS.

  • The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the profession and acts as the profession’s voice, supporting individuals and organizations to achieve excellence, and providing the Global Standard in Procurement and Supply.

Government Organization's And Non-Profit Organization’s Effect By CIPS

  • CIPS works with governments, world humanitarian organizations, and non-profit organizations to raise awareness of sustainable procurement practices and legislation, and drive out corruption and modern slavery in supply chains.

All Inclusive Professionals Covered by the CIPS

  • CIPS has the largest reach of procurement professionals in the world, covering all industries, sectors and job activities in procurement and supply.

  • MCIPS offers a more positive career outlook. Those with MCIPS can earn 17% more than their non-qualified colleagues.

CIPS influences the employer

  • 60% of employers are looking for candidates with MCIPS (or studying towards MCIPS). This is likely to be driven by the technical knowledge gained from the qualification as well as the dedication required to pursue it.

  • Those with MCIPS can earn 17% more than their non-qualified colleagues, and 64% of employers request it (or are studying towards it) when recruiting.

Professional’s Recognition

  • 95% of CIPS students say CIPS qualifications are recognized as the standard for the procurement profession.

  • The qualifications lead you to MCIPS membership, which shows you are a highly skilled professional and strategic thinker.

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  • Global job placement.

  • Guideline for the highest salary.

  • Skill migration opportunity.

  • Your abilities' dynamism.

  • Implement cross-functional activities.

  • Boost your career.

  • A smart choice for supply chain professionals.

  • Obtain the highest level of supply chain qualification.

  • Smooth your organization's supply chain practice.

  • Grab the opportunity of a good career.

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