CIPS Diploma: L4M1 - Constructed Response Practice Test

CIPS Diploma: L4M1 - Constructed Response Practice Test

The CIPS Diploma Level 4 Module 1 (L4M1) Constructed Response assesses procurement and supply professionals' ability to analyze and apply knowledge in real-world scenarios. This challenging assessment requires candidates to craft thoughtful and practical responses, demonstrating their expertise in procurement strategies, supplier management, and ethical practices.

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Across all CIPS diploma-level qualifications, there are several different types of CR question formats.

In the CR exams, you will be required to:

A. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject area, and

B. Show that you can adhere to instructions when answering questions.

You will find that some questions will use a scenario or data sources to introduce you to a situation or give you context, this should be used when answering the question. A CR exam allows you to show your extensive knowledge.

The practice test is based on the learning outcomes of the syllabus and comes with explanations and answers. Students are expected to read the CIPS study guide and follow all instructions provided by CIPS. The sole intention of the practice test is to help the students revise the subject and prepare them to take the exam.

Please attempt to answer the questions without referring to your study guide or the feedback given at the back of the practice test. Try Now!


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